Fabric and Apparel Science (FAS)



To equip the students with an understanding of design and technology in Fabric and Apparel along with an appreciation of our rich textile culture.


The Department strives to build a cadre of professionals in the area of Fabric and Apparel Science. The courses are pitched at providing a strong theoretical base along with skill enhancement through hands-on training. The course aims to provide knowledge of the latest technological advances in textile and apparel sector as well as sensitize students towards the rich textile heritage, crafts and community. The curriculum provides experiential training to students for professional and career readiness with the right skill set needed in a competitive market scenario.

Programme Objectives

  • To inculcate a close awareness of the current trends, new developments and technological changes in textiles & clothing field
  • To foster appreciation of the tradition and heritage of textiles of the past and draw inspiration for the present
  • To provide depth, scope and professional competency through formal and informal education programmes for continued professional growth
  • To equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for creative, managerial and technical careers and entrepreneurship
  • To contribute towards the economy of the country through research and development

Programme Specific Outcomes

Students of Master’s program in Fabric and Apparel Science, after graduation, will be able to:
  • Understand the current processes and trends, new developments and technological changes in the field of textiles and apparel.
  • Identify and appreciate the historic textiles and costumes of the world and draw inspiration for the present
  • Apply creative, managerial and technical skills for careers and entrepreneurship in the field of apparel and textiles.
  • Understand and apply tools and methods of research and statistics for conducting research in the subject area.
  • Apply their knowledge and skills and reach out to the community for their capacity building.

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