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Lady Irwin College was established in 1932. The education in this College aims towards capacity building and building scientific temper. We meet the needs of todays' Indian women to meet aspiration of women of tomorrow with correct ingredients and blends to improve quality of life of themselves in particular and community at large.

This year, the College will offer courses in Semester mode. Large number of faculty have themselves studied in semester mode in India and abroad. It is expected that students have preparedness to keep pace with courses and assessments. Internal assessment is continuous and integral to the system. Large amount of practical component will provide adequate skill set and consolidation of theoretical concepts. This makes teaching & learning process in College enjoyable and everlasting.

The College has both undergraduate and postgraduate education in Food and Nutrition, Human Development and Childhood Studies, Fabric and Apparel Science, Development Communication and Extension and Resource Management and Design Application. Doctoral programme has been ongoing for the last four decades. The Department of Education offers Bachelor's degree in Education and in 2007 introduced the one-year Bachelor of Special Education - Mental Retardation (MR) programme. The disciplines are artistic, creative, culturally rooted and contemporary. The programmes are scientifically planned which include education in textile technology, food processing, metabolism, environment, sustainable technologies, media technologies, food safety, health and disease and human development. Although we draw considerably from global education material, the faculty has developed textbooks, manuals and material to contextualize education for Indian communities.

Have a meaningful, value based and holistic education and be an Irwinite! You will find an Irwinite in every part of the world contributing to society at large.

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