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Courses Offered

Bachelors in Home Science

Course Structure for Undergraduate Programme

Four year Undergraduate Programme with multiple Degree Option
I 4 2 - - 1-IMBH
II 3 2 - 1* 1-IMBH
III 2 2 1 1 1-CA
IV 2 2 1 1 1-CA
V - 3 1 1 1-CA
VI - 3 1 1 1-CA
VII - 2+1(Research
and project
1 - 1-CA
8 - 2+1(Research) 1 - 1-CA

*Language course

FC: Foundation Course
DC-I : Discipline Course–I
DC-II: Discipline Course-II
AC: Applied Course
IMBH: Integrating Mind Body and Heart
CA: Cultural Activities include NCC, Sports, NSS, etc.

Foundation Courses
  • Language, Literature, and Creativity –I (Hindi/MIL)
  • Language, Literature, and Creativity –II (English)
  • Information Technology
  • Business, Entrepreneurship, and Management
  • Governance and Citizenship
  • Psychology, Communication and Life Skills
  • Geographic and Socio-Economic Diversity
  • Science and Life
  • History, Culture and Civilization
  • Building Mathematical Ability
  • Environment and Public Health

The distribution of the Foundation Course accourding to the University is in the First, Second, Third and Fourth Semester shall be as follows in order to facilitate framing of time and organisation of the teaching in the colleges:

Semester-I/II: Group A
(i) Languages, Literature and Creativity -I (Hindi/MIL)
(ii) Information Technology
(iii) Science and Life
(iv) Applied Course-I

Semester-I/II: Group B
(i) Language, Literature and Creativity-II (English)
(ii) Building Mathematical Ability
(iii) Environment and Public Health
(iv) Business Entrepreneurship

Semester-III/IV: Group C
(i) Governance and Citizenship
(ii) Psychology, Communication and Life Skills

Semester-III/IV: Group D
(i) Geographic and Socio Economic Diversity
(ii) History, Culture and Civilisation

Course Structure – Home Science

Four Year Undergraduate Home Science with Honours

These course of study are open to modification/change in title/content after due process during the course of this programme and of enrolment of the student.

Discipline- I and AC Courses (Offered as per University of Delhi approval)

Home Science

Title of Paper Theory
(M. Marks)
(M. Marks)
I.1 Human Development 100 50
I.2 Food and Nutrition 100 50
II.1 Resource Management 100 50
II.2 Dynamics of Human Communication   50
AC Language Course   100
III.1 Fabric & Apparel Science 100 50
III.2 Physical Science 100 50
AC Physiology and Promotive health   75
IV.1 Life Sciences 100 50
IV.2 Nutrition for Adults & Elderly 100 50
AC Fashion Retail and Trend Analysis   75
Exit 1 Diploma
Title of Paper Theory
(M. Marks)
(M. Marks)
V.1 Human Development: A Topical Approach 100 50
V.2 Communication Systems & Mass Media 100 50
V.3 Space Planning and Design 100 50
AC Healthy Cuisine   75
VI.1 Indian Textile Heritage 100 50
VI.2 Nutrition For Children and Adolescents 100 50
VI.3 Development in Adolescence & Adult hood 100 50
AC Human Rights & Family Empowerment   75
Exit 2 Bachelors
Title of Paper Theory
(M. Marks)
(M. Marks)
VII.1 Fashion Design Development 100 50
VII.2 Personal Finance & Consumer Studies 100 50
VII.3 Research Methodology & Project Work 100  
VIII.1 Participatory Development & Training 100 50
VIII.2 Socio Economic Dynamics of Family 100 50
VIII.3 Research   100
Exit 3 Bachelors with Honours

Discipline- II Courses
Food and Nutrition
Semester Paper No. Subjects
III 1. * Human Nutrition
IV 2. Food Science
V 3. Food Microbiology and Safety
VI 4. Public Nutrition
VII 5. Nutritional Biochemistry
VIII 6. Therapeutic Nutrition
Human Development and Childhood Studies
Semester Paper No. Subjects
III 1. *Human Development: A Lifespan Approach
IV 2. Early Childhood Care and Education
V 3. Development in Childhood
VI 4. Know Yourself: Gender Perspective
VII 5. Child Rights, Diversity and Social Action
VIII 6. Childhood and Family in India
Fabric and Apparel Science
Semester Paper No. Subjects
III 1. *Textile and Fashion Technology
IV 2. Textile Science
V 3. Apparel Design Concepts
VI 4. Advanced Apparel Design Concepts
VII 5. Textile Wet Processing
VIII 6. Fashion Studies and Computer Applications
Resource Management & Design Application
Semester Paper No. Subjects
III 1. * Management of Individual and Shared Resources
IV 2. Management of New And Small Enterprises
V 3. Resources And Sustainable Development
VI 4. Interior Design And Decoration
VII 5. Ergonomics in Design Development
VIII 6. Human Resource Management
Development Communication and Extension
Semester Paper No. Subjects
III 1. *Communication and Extension
IV 2. Communication for Development
V 3. Gender and Society
VI 4. Information and Communication Technologies for
VII 5. Behaviour Change Communication: Health and
VIII 6. Programme Design and Evaluation

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