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Courses Offered

B.Ed. (2 years)

Eligibility requirement

  • For B.Ed. – B.Sc. degree in Home Science (Pass/Hons.)
  • For B.Ed. Special Education (Mental Retardation) – graduation in any subject


I. Basic Ideas in Educational Theory
II. Educational Psychology
III. Modern Indian Education
IV. Methodology of Teaching (Two Subjects)
  1. Home Science A Level
  2. Integrated Science
V. Compulsory option(Any one of the following):
i)Career guidance
ii) School evaluation
iii) Organization and administration of Pre-School Education
iv) Educational technology
v) Primary Education in India
vi) Gender, School and Society
vii)Education of children with Special Needs
viii) Education for Mental Health
ix) Adolescence Education

25 mars in each of the paper I,II,III and V and 30 marks in paper IV will be awarded on an internal assessment.

PART B: PRACTICUM Total Marks 500

i) School Life Experience & Practical Skill in
Teaching 250
Teaching Subject No.1 125
Teaching Subject No.2 125
ii) Sessional Practical Works  
(divided as follows) 250
a) Practical School Assignments 60
     i)Special Aspect of the School (assessed by supervised) 10
    ii)Syllabus Critcism 10
   Iii)Criticism of examination System (assessed by Subject) 10
   iv)Achievement Test Report in Teaching
      Subject No. 1
   v)Achievement Test Report in Teaching
      Subject No. 2
b) Tutorial Work 50
c) Psychology Practical 30
d) Visual Education 30
e) Work Experience 20
f) Cocurriculars 50
g) Working with Community 10


The minimum marks required to pass the examination shall be 40% in each written paper, 45% in the written papers and the work done during the session relating to that paper in Part A,50% in Part B (Practice) and 50% in the aggregate.

Classification of Results:
  1. Distinction: 75% marks in the aggregate.
  2. First Division: 60% of the total marks and above , but below 75%
  3. Second Division: 50% of the total marks and above , but below 60%.

Bachelor of Education Special Education (MR)


Part A: Core Papers
I. Nature and Needs of various Disabilities -An Introduction  100
II. Education in Emerging India 100
III. Educational Psychology and persons with Disabilities 100
IV. Educational Management ,Curriculum Designing and Research 100

Part B: Specialised Papers

I.Indentification and Assessment of Persons with Mental Retardation 100
II. Mental Retardation-Its Multidisciplinary Aspects 100
III. Curriculum and Teaching Strategies 100
IV. Methodology of Teaching in Resource Rooms for children with Mild Mental Retardation and slow Learners 100

i) Practical skills in Teaching and settings up of a Resource Room
ii) Sessional Work

*The assessment of marks in practical skills will be done internally through collective assessment by the faculty
* There shall be written examination for the theory papers.
* 25% in each of the theory papers are allocated for sessional work.

Classification of Results
  1. Distinction : 75% marks in the aggregate and above
  2. First Division: 60% of the total marks and above , but below 75%.
  3. Second Division:50% of the total marks and above but below 60%.

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